• Christine Laughran

June 2020

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, (Everyone has seen Tiger King by now, right?)

2020 has been a year of fear shock and horror. It seems like just when it could not possibly get any worst 2020 says “But wait there’s more.” As a society we have sustained a lifetime’s worth of losses with our health, social connections, economic stability and much more in only a few months. This is the textbook definition of trauma. As the world begins to uneasily re-open, our future will look very different from our past. While we keep hearing the term “new normal”, life in the Covid-19 context looks to be anything but normal. There is no going back to normal because that wasn’t working for us. The question is how do we move forward to co create a new safe peaceful and sustainable way of co existing and for some industries that includes doing business much differently. 

We are in intense transformational times. Humanity is going through a collective awakening wether we like it or not. An awakening to the way our economic, political and social systems are no longer serving our highest good. We are becoming more aware of things like inequity. Our nervous systems are shot from being in a constant state of fight or flight for 90 days straight. Our hearts are broken and we are grieving while at the same time we are getting bombarded with so much conflicting information from the media and our government. It can be very triggering. I invite you to look at what triggers you. What makes you want to react in anger when you read about or hear about a different perspective than yours? We need to find a way to unite. We need to stop the division of us vs.them. What would it look like if we concentrated on what we wanted our world to look like instead of what it isn’t. What if we concentrated our energy towards what we are for instead of what we are against? 

We need to transmute the trauma of our old paradigms within ourselves so that we can then help heal our social wounds. If we don’t start with healing ourselves we are not able to help the world. We need to make peace with our shadow side. I won’t sugar coat it, it sucks. Our shadow sides can be ugly and full of fear and shame but once we shine the light in the darkness things start to transform on a soul level and it will help contribute to the collective healing this world needs.

It is ok to feel sad and angry and outraged but if you find yourself

being cruel that is not contributing to any solutions. We need the healers, the peacemakers and the changemakers that we ALL have within ourselves to level up. It’s time. 

With love, gratitude and inappropriate humor,

Christine Laughran Owner, LMT

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