Therapeutically, Reiki and other Energy Healing modalities can release blockages in the body's natural energy flow, thereby relieving tension and boosting immunity. Long held tension in the body can lead to illness, so regular Reiki appointments can prevent future medical complications or disease due to long held emotional issues or residual pain from an injury.

Do you react to a power struggle or fear with sensation in your stomach region? That's the third chakra - or energy center feeling that emotion. That is a physical reaction to an emotional experience. Chronic experience of this sensation can lead to the body holding that tension, thereby leading to illness or discomfort - dis-ease. This is what Reiki works best with. There are seven energy centers that each react and experience emotion and stress. If this emotion/stress is held in the body and not naturally released, Reiki can help. Your body cannot function at its optimal health with energy blockages. Come and experience this release for yourself.